‘Deeply disappointed’: Annie Loof reacts strongly to news of KD and SD impending cooperation

By: DailySweden

The Centre party leader Annie Loof has reacted with strong words to the news that the Christian Democrats had opened the way for formal negotiations with ‘racist’ Sweden Democrats.

“A historic mistake by KD to open for negotiations and agreements with SD, a xenophobic populist party with the roots of neo-Nazism. I am deeply disappointed with the development within KD and the choice they made today. This would have been more honest to tell before the election.

KD’s opening for SD shows that the choice that C made in the government issue was long term sighted. In the conversations that took place between the Alliance parties after the election, one of the prerequisites for even discussing an M / KD government was that no cooperation and no negotiations would take place with SD. This Ebba Busch Thor was willing to promise in writing. But this promise only lasted a few months. It is extremely regrettable if KD continues on this road,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

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