DEBATE: Attempts to silence me are brazen, ambitious even, but will always fail


By: Edinah Masanga

I can only marvel at the burden of being a black African in the midst of white supremacy denialists. I can’t even own my Africaness proudly or tell my experiences boldly without spooking some people’s guilty conscience about racism against black folks.

People who are in denial about racism and discrimination seem to feel that those of us who experience it should be silent and then they can continue living in their little bubbles, believing that the world is good for everyone even if it is only very good for them.

Blackness and my inherently unique experience, the one thing that I truly own and that will always be authentically mine, is the very same thing self-righteous people want to dispossess me of so that they can sleep well at night. I won’t have it.

I am African and I am proud to be. If I were given a second act I would still choose to be African. The rich melanin skin – just the right amount of cocoa if you ask me, a dangling behind and a heavy bust, I wouldn’t trade those for anything.

Fact: I go through life struggling where I should not struggle because I happened to come into this world a black goddess.

I regret a lot of man-made problems about Africa but I would not choose any other continent to have entered this world through.

A continent which respects its elders, where family means love, where even when we don’t have much we do not leave others in the cold if we can help it, where my ubuntu- the ethos that I am because we are – shapes how I treat others, I would never choose anything else over that.

with love,





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