New Zealand attacker “could have been intercepted”

Law enforcement and social media companies need to develop better preventative technologies and strategies to prevent terrorist attacks, said former NYC detective Thomas Ruskin following the New Zealand mosque attacks on Friday.

At least 49 people were shot to death at two mosques in Christchurch during midday prayers Friday.

According to New Zealand’s state-owned television network TVZ, one of the attacks which happened at a mosque called Masjid Al Noor, took 41 lives. An attack at a mosque in a different part of the city killed seven people. One person died later in a hospital.

According to local media, the 28-year-old Australian Brenton Harrison Tarrant gunned down most of the victims. Before the killing, Brenton posted a manifesto on social media in which he said he was out to avenge attacks in Europe perpetrated by Muslims.

This terrorist is a lone wolf, who carried the shooting out by himself because of his own ideologies, commented Ruskin, who is the President of CMP Protective and Investigative Group.

The gunman could have been intercepted en route when he traveled from Australia to New Zealand.

“Yes, he could have been intercepted, but you have to know what he’s going there for. There has been some kind of intelligence that would have been developed in advance of his trip, or during his trip, that would have alerted law enforcement that he was traveling from Australia to New Zealand, or anywhere else, and what his motives were,” said Ruskin.

“Only the investigation, as it unravels, will tell us was there some signs, intelligence, warning signs, that could have alerted law enforcement, that may have targeted him to be able to pick him out of the airport as he landed in NewZealand,” added Ruskin.

The terrorist live streamed the shooting on Facebook, and the video showed scriptures written on his weapons.

Ruskin said law enforcement should be questioning its current system.

“Law enforcement does profile, I shouldn’t say profile, what they do is they monitor, they look for intelligence. They would look for this guy to go on the web and potentially post his manifesto in a long enough time that, A, you can identify him, B, as Jim alluded to in the pre-story, target him out of a needle out of a haystack, and then be able to find him in advance of him doing what he did,” said Ruskin.

To prevent more such deadly incidents, Ruskin said it requires efforts from both law enforcement and social media companies.

“It’s not the first time we’ve had killings, we’ve had people in different states walk up to people live streaming how they’re just going to murder someone, because they didn’t like the way that they look, or their race or their religion. So it has happened before, it’s something that law enforcement and the social media companies have to develop more technology to be able to potentially stop it,” he said. DailySweden

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