NZ shooter stood over dead bodies as he ‘fired more rounds into huddled worshipers’

New Zealand shooter Brenton Tarrant ‘fired rounds into huddled worshippers’ and even took the luxury to go back to his vehicle to swap his semi-automatic shotgun for a scoped rifle.

A chilling narration of the events states that the shooter stood over the dead bodies as they moaned in agony before beginning to shoot at the worshippers again.

“He fired into crowds of huddled worshipers, sometimes not even looking where he was shooting, reloading numerous times.

When the sound of his gun stopped between magazines, the moaning of wounded people could be heard until the shots began again.

Several times he stood over wounded men, calmly reloaded his gun, then shot them multiple times to make sure they were dead,”  Daily Mail

Tarrant used a semi-automatic shotgun scrawled with the names of past mass killers and cities where the shootings occurred.



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