Britain’s Parliament votes to delay Brexit


By: DailySweden

British Members of Parliament (MPs) on Thursday voted overwhelmingly for a delay in the Brexit process for three months or more.

The MPs voted in the House of Commons by 412 to 202, a majority of 210, to request the European Union (EU) for an extension to Article 50 in Brexit.

This means that the Brexit date, originally set for March 29, will be delayed until June 30 if the House of Commons can pass a Brexit deal before next Wednesday. If not, the date will be further postponed.

Earlier, MPs also rejected an amendment calling for a second Brexit referendum. MPs voted by 85 to 334, a majority of 249, to turn down the amendment which calls for a delayed Brexit to allow new referendum.

This is the first time the question of a new public referendum had faced a parliamentary vote since the first referendum was conducted in June 2016.


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