Clients used ‘secret codes’ to book sex sessions at massage parlour in Uppsala, Stockholm

A 45-year-old woman ran massage salons in Uppsala and at a place in the Stockholm area where six victims were sold as sex workers. The woman is now on trial Uppsala District Court. In Uppsala, it is estimated that there are almost a thousand cases of sex slavery.

The police received a tip on the massage parlors already in 2017, after which they began to scout and use evidence provocation.

Nine police officers visited the salons on various occasions in October and November 2018 and paid for a massage. When they were offered sexual services, they used diversion tactics.

The police will testify during the upcoming trial.

Secret codes

Two officials at the Swedish Tax Agency have helped to figure out how extensive the sex trade has been. According to the Swedish Tax Agency, sales of sexual services in Uppsala amount to approximately SEK 480,000 and about 30% of total sales should have been sexual services.

The prosecutor also says that a secret code system had been used during the bookings. The code system was built on Thai characters.

Denies the charges
The accused woman denies crimes and says that she has not known that six have been sold on the premises.

‘She never forced or induced the plaintiffs to sell sexual services. She has only provided material for massage and local. She has carefully insisted that there should no be sexual services,’ says the woman’s lawyer Ewa Glimstedt Torslow. DailySweden.

Source: SVT

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