Sweden is set to take a leap in digitising everyday life as from next year when two self-driving full-length buses will travel between Barkabystaden and the subway in Akalla.

The country will be first in Europe to let the self-driving buses run on public roads.

In a special bus lane, two buses will run on a five-kilometer stretch and with four stops.

The Scania buses are intended to connect Barkarbystad with the nearest metro station Akalla.

Kristoffer Tamson (M), traffic region council and chairman SL said on Wednesday; “The SL traffic can, thanks to this unique agreement, write European public transport history. This means a giant step in our ambition to lead the development of public transport towards smarter, greener and better solutions.”

He was referring to the agreement between Nobina and Scania which concluded that, as of 2020, Barkarby will be operated by self-driving and electric full-length buses

But initially, the buses will be self-driving only one kilometer off the line. The self-driving buses will have a safety driver who will monitor the traffic. Here you also need to collect information on average speed, accessibility, time keeping, deviation handling and customer satisfaction.


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