By: Edinah Masanga

Children do not choose their parents. Neither can they can save themselves or control their parents’ actions thus to punish children for the crimes of their parents is a callous and heartless act.

If it were up to me, I would have been born in Sweden, had free education, never had to walk 8 kilometres to school or spend three days on an empty stomach. That didn’t happen because I was born in Zimbabwe to loving but very poor parents. I had no choice in that. Because of this, my own personal story, I am inclined to feel sorry for the innocent children who are left in the middle of political grandstanding and a situation they never chose.

If Sweden stays true to its values, they must save the innocent children and offer them another life than that which has been chosen for them by their parents. It is a life no one must be handed down unless they choose it themselves. To try and make an example of young defenceless children is an act which is unforgivable.

In Sweden, there is a social services law which is there to protect children from situations and people that might put them in harm’s way including their parents. The social services law gives the state the power to intervene and save children from even the people who birthed them stateside so why not children who have been taken to dangerous territory without their choice.

So is society just gonna go oh you’ve got bad parents kiddo too bad save yourself? Show some mercy on those poor children.




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