Lowly educated women’s life expectancy dropping in Sweden: report

The average life expectancy has steadily increased in Sweden since the 19th century. But for lowly educated women, the trend is the opposite – their longevity is dropping, writes Aftonbladet.

Statistics from the Swedish Central Statistics Bureau show that the expected life expectancy of lowly skilled are women falling – while others’ are rising.

As it stands there is a differrence of over five years between how long women with low education and their highly educated sisters are expected to live.

In the report “Different worlds? The demographically divided Sweden ” Statistics Sweden’s investigators state that good health and long life often come with high education.

“The greatest differences in longevity depends on the level of education, which applies to both women and men. It is not just a difference in the number of estimated years of life, but there is also a difference in the number of years lived with long-term ill-health ”. DailySweden

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