By: Edinah Masanga

The feedback to my comment piece on the racial prejudice in Swedish society is baffling, to say the least.

People – who have clearly missed the point – keep asking us not to talk about racism because ‘what about those who are not racist’, as if the existence of good automatically cancels the existence of darkness. Those who are not racist are not the point in and of this conversation. The point of this discourse is racism, its subjects and perpetrators. We need to get that straight.

I kept thinking, as I read the feedback, we are never ever gonna get anywhere with this conversation if people rush to shut it down like this because there exists a parallel side to it which is good. The good side does not bother us nor do we not notice it. We are just seeking to transfer the dark side to the good side that is why we will not shut up about racism.

Fact: We have people whose treatment is based on lower standards because of the colour of their skin. That is a fact.

We applaud and thank our allies in fighting racism and its prejudices but we don not stop fighting for justice.

Racism is based on a system of supremacy. The belief that some humans are more human than others. And as long as we have people with that mindset we are gonna need to keep calling them out until the situation improves.


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