Female security guard quits, alleges guards receive too little training: ‘I can’t stand how people are being treated’


By: Staff Writer

A female security guard has quit the profession saying she ‘cannot stand the way people are being treated’ by other guards.

Jenny Bengtsson, 35, who lives in Stockholm and is a former Left-wing politician also alleged trainee guards ‘received too little training.’

“The training was very stressful. All parts of the education needed three times as much time. It was everything from who made laws to how to beat someone with a baton. It all had to be accommodated in 80 hours.”

On finishing training, Jenny started working as a guard at various nightclubs in Stockholm. She says that racism and sexism were a common occurrence.

“In one place there were girls who looked to come from some Asian country. They were called “Thai whores”. It was common, says Jenny, and continues:

Then it’s the systematic racism. One would not have a certain clientele
in their group, especially not the dark-skinned because they would go in and hit on at girls and were also criminal.”

Bengtsson has now quit saying she can’t stand ‘this kind of talking’.

“I can’t bear this talk. I am sure that there are workplaces that have succeeded with their jargon, but I have not been impressed by what I have been up to. I bear how people are treated.”


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