Embattled Swedish Academy board member leaves, after husband convicted of sexual offences


By: Edinah Masanga

An embattled Swedish Academy board member, whose husband was convicted on account of sexual offences, has vacated her post following the scandal – but she will retain her allowance of up to 12 875kr as well as an academy apartment. The Swedish Academy is the one responsible for awarding the Nobel prize for literature.

Katarina Frostenson, the wife to Jean-Claude Arnault, was also being investigated for a potential breach of privacy because it emerged that her husband gained access to privileged information regarding future Nobel literature prize winners. The investigation has been dropped following a deal between Frostenson and the Academy.

Late last year, 18 women accused photographer Arnault of sexual harassment and assault, leading to a preliminary investigation by state prosecutors. He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to two years in prison. He is appealing the sentence.


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