By: Edinah Masanga

The Green party leaders and spokespersons, Gustav Fridolin and Isabella Lövin have come to the defence of the Left party after it was put in the same bracket with SD by the liberal parties, saying ‘it is not possible’ to equate the Left party with SD.

After their meeting with the Speaker of parliament, Lövin and Fridolin met the press on Monday morning.

There they announced that the agreement between S, C, L and MP is still at play and that the wording about the Left Party remains.

They also want the Speaker to give the party leaders a few days to solve the situation that has arisen.

“Our message to the Speaker is to give the parties a few days’ respite to take care of the situation that has arisen and so that we can sort out the question marks that have arisen, says Lövin.

“For the Green Party, it would be basically impossible to equate the Left Party and the Swedish Democrats.”


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