Southern Thailand suspends ferry services ahead of tropical storm Pabuk

Boat and ferry services from the mainland to the famed island destination Koh Samui in southern Thailand have been suspended on Thursday as Tropical Storm Pabuk is approaching.

Tourists from different countries are waiting for the last ferry and they are all unprepared for the typhoon in the region. 

“No. I am not scared. We’re going to Surat Thani now. Yes, tomorrow [Friday] no ships are going from here,” said a tourist from Switzerland. 

“We are not prepared. If typhoon comes, then we will stay at our friends’ house for a few more days, because we didn’t know the typhoon was so serious,” said Chinese tourists. 

The ferry services ended on Thursday by 18:00, and it was the last ferry to leave from the Koh Samui island. 

“We leave around 18:00 from here [Koh Samui island] to Surat Thani. This is for some tourists to return to Surat Thani. This last ferry is specially prepared for them,” said Popal, general manager of High-speed Ferry company.

The exact time of the re-opening of the ferry service has not been announced.

Koh Samui is Thailand’s third largest island and it is a popular tourist attraction. Tourists usually come here by flight or by ferry. 

Besides, the Samui International Airport decided to suspend all the flight of Bangkok Airline on Friday. 

The storm is sweeping through all provinces in the south including provinces on the Andaman coast. It could bring heavy rains, mudslides and flash floods to the region.

Authorities advised tourists to cancel their water activities. A command center has been set up on Samui island to monitor all ships.

The strongest tropical storm Harriet ravaged the southern part of the country in 1962, bringing the worst natural disaster, according to reports. 

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