Controversial Swedish journo scolds Postnord, demands answers why burqa clad women don’t lift veils when taking out parcels


By: Edinah Masanga

A controversial Swedish journalist who publishes on social media, Joakim Lamotte has scolded the country’s postal service demanding to know why women wearing burqas do not lift their veils when taking out parcels.

Lamotte fumed in a Facebook post on Wednesday citing an example where a dog owner had to go through a strenuous process to identify the dog as the rightful owner of a package that had been addressed to it but argued that this was unfair since women wearing burqas were not forced to lift their veils for identinty verification.

“In August last year in Sollentuna a dog received a package addressed to him. Then the dog’s owner was forced to bring the dog’s registration certificate and the dog himself had to put the paw against a stamp pad before the package could be retrieved,” he wrote.

The journalist, who has been dubbed the swish journalist due to his crowdfunding for practicing ‘independent journalism’, cited a case of a woman who was denied her parcel due to change of surname for marital reasons.

Lamotte questioned the logic of that decision since another recipient who was behind that same woman and was wearing a burqa did not have any problems collecting her parcels.

“The woman from Strömsund who contacted me was herself refused to collect parcels from her local post office after she married and changed her surname. For the person behind her in the queue, on the other hand, it was not a problem, even though the person was wearing a burka and did not show their face.”

In the same post Lamotte quotes a Postnord customer service representative as having responded by saying: “We cannot force a woman to take off her burka to legitimize herself. It would be good to see her face but because of her religion we cannot do anything about it. Neither can we deny her because of her religion to pick up a package just because she does not want to show her face.”


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