Swedish politicians want to reform child welfare grant: “Not everyone should get it”

By: Edinah Masanga

A Swedish politician has left a motion in parliament to reform the child welfare grant (barnbidrag) on a needs basis arguing that “those who don’t need it” should not get the grant. Swedish radio Ekot reports.

Magnus Ek, chairperson of the Centre party’s youth league moved the motion citing that the current system where the grant is paid automatically to all parents is erroneous and results in people who ‘don’t need the grant’ receiving it.

“I think it is a bad idea to have very general grants, which also go to people who may not need them, while we have a need to prioritize the state’s resources and ensure that welfare works for all people throughout the country,” he said.

Moderate parliamentarian Jan Ericson also wants to review the possibility of limiting child allowance in a move widely seen as a swipe at families with many children.

“If you have many children, then you get a very large sum and we also have multiple other child allowances already from the second child.”

The Left party leade Jonas Sjöstedt criticised the motion saying it would open the system to exclusion.

“If you start rolling back the child allowance for some, then you will soon roll it back for more…”, he said.

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