Swedish PM calls for meeting on deadly shootings

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S) is now calling for a meeting between the government and the police after recent shootings,  several of which were fatal.

“We have added more resources to the police than you requested, but we may need to do more. Therefore, I have asked Morgan Johansson to contact the police department’s management, to hear if there is anything else we need to do. More resources, other types of resources. We are determined that these gangs must be broken, “says Löfven.

During the past few weeks there have been deadly shootings in, among other places, Örebro and Malmö. Seven people have been killed. But in March, Stefan Löfven said that the fight against organized crime has given “some results” in terms of fewer shootings in the country’s three largest cities.

“We saw a careful turn in the right direction, but we should definitely not make any conclusions that it’s over, because it’s not,” he said and continued,

“We must always be on our toes and prepared to do even more. We will do all that can be done to show that society is always stronger than gang crime.”

Löfven says more police officers will start working this year.

“We are now training significantly more police than under the former government, so there are more police officers. For this reason, I have asked Morgan Johansson to be involved with the police administration. They are the ones who know best what resources are needed and what is required in this particular situation. They tell us, and then we will ensure that the police have the resources needed to break these gangs.

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