Several Swedish municipalities have jointly bought properties for more than SEK 65 million in a bid to get rid of a criminal mc-gang, a move that may violate municipal law.

In Örebro the municipality bought two properties for almost SEK 15 million and in Surahammar, a private person tricked the municipality into buying his house for millions.

In about ten years, about 20 municipalities around Sweden have bought properties for over 65 million, where one of the aims has been to prevent the criminal mc-gang from settling.

In all cases, data shows that one reason for the purchase of real estate has been that the municipality wanted peace from the mc-gang although in some cases, the municipalities have subsequently sold off the properties.

In Leksand, the municipality bought a property to prevent the mc-gang from being established in their jurisdiction. A few years after the acquisition, the municipality burned down the house and nothing has happened to the ground yet.

In Örebro, the municipality bought an industrial property for SEK 9 million. The municipality initially said there was a plan but four years later they are now trying to sell the property for two million less.

“We recently reduced the price when no one was willing to pay what we are asking for,” says Ullis Sandberg (S).



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