80 Swedes in prisons at risk of radicalization – report

More than 80 currently jailed in Swedish prisons are at risk for violence-inducing radicalization.

At the moment seven people convicted of terrorist offences are sitting in Swedish prisons but they are not the only ones who are considered to be risky in terms of violent extremism.

“We are following about 80 people and it is both those who are radicalized violent extremists, such as the terrorists, but also those who are considered to be in danger of being radicalized,” said Niklas Bellström, Deputy Security Director of the Criminal Care to SVT.

According to the prosecution services, 65 out of the said 80 prisoners are believed to have violent Islamic views while 15 others belong to either right or left extreme sides.

Risk assessment and thoughtful placement of the inmates is important to counter radicalization but the staff’s knowledge and contacts with the people in attendance have a key role in reforming the prisoners.

Prison staff are now being trained to prevent radicalization.

“It is possible to transform violent extremists,” says Niklas Bellström.

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