Two men from western Sweden have been kidnapped by IS and later killed in northern Iraq. In a video published by ISIS propaganda, the men appear to be shot by IS militias.

“We are familiar with the matter and are in contact with the relevant authorities,” said Lina Eidmark at the foreign department’s press service to the national broadcaster, SVT News.

The two men, a 20-year-old and his 50-year-old uncle sit on their knees with automatic weapons aimed at them. In the video, you can see how the 20-year-old raises his forearm at an angle to show a double-edged sword tattoo. This particular tattoo is a typical shia symbol.

The two men, according to information to SVT News, went to Iraq on vacation in December. On Christmas, both of them were kidnapped. Sources in the municipal administration where the men reside confirmed to SVT News that the men were missing.

The two were Kurdish Shia Muslims, a group that is one of IS’s top targets. The video states that the execution is a revenge for Kirkuk being ruled by Shia.

GT/Expressen broke the news first.



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