A new court judgement may offer a reprieve to skilled workers who have suffered devastating deportation because of petty mistakes made by their employers such as the fact that the salary is not reported correctly or is short by a krona, or that there is no information on how worker holidays are assigned.

To date, employers have not suffered any consequences as a result of these blunders which sometimes these foreign-born skilled employees are not even aware of. Consequently, the skilled immigrants are deported with their whole families on those grounds.

Their lives uprooted because of something they personally have not caused. The Migration Agency’s interpretation and use of the rules have been widely criticized.

But now changes are on the way. The Migration Supreme Court has ruled that the Migration Board’s handling of a number of cases has indeed taken place on legally dubious grounds. This comes after the Centrum för Rättvisa has taken the agency to court over a number of petty skilled worker deportations.

“Finally, an end to the senseless deportations of skilled workers,” says Fredrik Bergman at the Centrum för Rättvisa, to the newspaper The Entreprenör.


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