Support for Sweden’s coalition government falls


Photo: Frankie Fouganthin

STOCKHOLM, May 18 (Reuters) – Support for Sweden’s minority coalition government fell to 29.2 percent in May, down from 32.5 percent in April, a Sifo poll commissioned by Svenska Dagbladet, showed on Friday.

The Social Democrats and Greens, in power since October 2014, would together with the Left Party, their budget coalition partner, be backed by 38.5 percent against 40.6 percent the month before if an election were held now, the poll showed.

The four-party Alliance opposition bloc saw their support little changed at 40 percent, compared with 40.5 percent in April.

The biggest winners in the poll were the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, whose support rose to 18.7 percent, up 3.9 percentage points from last month’s survey and their highest since December 2015.

The next general election in Sweden will be held on Sept. 9.

The Sifo poll consisted of around 8,000 interviews carried out between May 7 and 17.




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