By: Edinah Masanga (not pictured)

I sometimes think maybe I don’t express clearly and concisely how much I can never thank Sweden enough for the pleasures of the first world. And for having me, embracing me the way I am.

One can easily forget the good things because of the bad experiences that happen to them.

I think it’s because the bad experiences pain me. Traumatise me. I grieve them so much and in the end, they leave a mark on my soul. And so I can remember them easier than the good things.

The good experiences become memories that I put in a reservoir waiting to be retrieved when needed. But the bad ones are like an eagle. They are always hovering around somewhere near, poking the tears, prodding the heart gently so that you do not forget. They nag, they don’t sit calmly like good memories.

I sometimes feel that the trauma, the pain that bad experiences cause is like a black hole that sucks you in and twists you around so all you see are the grey areas.

I know that many people that I meet ask me what could possibly make me unhappy when I have a beautiful house and can eat as much as I want. The honest truth is that these things alone do not bring happiness. They complement it. I need a healthy emotional and social life and yet that can only be possible when the ethnic and racially inspired prejudices are removed.

But if I were to choose anywhere on earth would I choose Sweden? Over and over again. I will choose Sweden forever. I will love Sweden forever.

Heja Sverige!



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